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Ann Boyd's Knit Hats


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For your favorite baby!

Here are some of the hats I can knit especially for you. Needless to say, they make spectacular gifts.

All hats are available in a wide range of colors

Unless otherwise indicated, all hats are $25 each (with $5 off if you supply the yarn). Shipping (if needed) is $5 for up to 3 hats and then an additional $1 for each additional hat thereafter.

"Flower Hats" — with an darling little flower made from a colorful ribbon.

Flower Hat
Fuzzy Hats "Fuzzy Hats" — A hat knit simultaneously from two kinds of yarn: a base color and a super-fuzzy accent.

"Fruit Hats" — A line of hats that resemble various fruits. Shown here is the "Lemon Hat," and I can also make you any of the following varieties:

  • strawberry (my favorite!)
  • orange
  • pumpkin
  • raspberry
  • apple
  • lemon
Lemon Hat
Yellow Square Hat

"Square Hats" — Here's a distinctive design: a simple hat with a floppy tassel on top and a simple square on the front. Very geometric!

Three different color schemes are shown, and notice how cute twins (or cousins or best friends) would look in a matching set (below)!

  Blue Square Hats


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